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7 Strategies to Recruiting Generation Z

While long-established marketing and recruiting methods have been successful for years, it is now time to transition towards a more creative approach to engaging and recruiting Generation Z.

Gen Zers are always looking for new and exciting, the next “big” fad. A unique experience catered directly to the individual is commonly what they look for. A few key strategies that companies can use are discussed below.

Build Awareness of Short Attention Span

Gen Zers were born into a world of instantaneous answers and many options. They have an average attention span of 8 seconds. This means it’s essential to make your content appealing to create an engaging atmosphere day in and day out. Gen Z employees will not only be excited about their overall purpose at a company, but also motivated to continue succeeding and excelling with each project.

Keep It Visual

As the world has become more and more visual, companies should bring this approach into recruiting Generation Z. Gen Zers have established a level of control over the media and content they consume. Therefore, how a company shares messages about itself and its culture on social media are a priority.

Transition your company’s on-boarding process to a visual manner. It should be efficient and visually appealing. Video content can not only be delivered quickly, but it’s also simple and easy-to-follow. As are result, new hires are less likely to feel overwhelmed and it makes Gen Z employees feel as though their learning style is important.

Improve Your Company’s Career Site

These tech-savvy individuals crave a quick resource that is not only visually appealing and interactive, but also an easy read. Gen Zers want learn about a company’s brand and all the exciting benefits possible. Identify an approach to showcase this in a clean and exciting way. This is incredibly beneficial to a company’s success with recruiting Generation Z.

Health and Wellness

Society’s awareness about a healthy lifestyle continues to grow in importance and popularity. This is helpful to keep in mind when recruiting Generation Z as many give heightened importance to this when selecting the company they wish to pursue. Employers can establish a health and wellness program. For example, this might be by providing a healthy snacks fridge, featuring in-company weekly yoga sessions, or 15-minute shoulder massages.


Being transparent about the company culture is another detail that is appealing to Gen Z candidates. Highlight the journeys of regular employees and interns that come through your company. It’s also beneficial to highlight company events, outings, volunteer opportunities, and community outreach opportunities when recruiting Generation Z.


Display your benefits, because this gives Gen Zers a further look into why your company may be the right choice. It also shows transparency, as many employers hold this information until the time of hire. Candidates want to know what is included in a company’s benefits package. This not only influences their well-being, but also opens the door of communication with both parties for offer negotiation.

Personalize the Candidacy Experience

In recruiting Generation Z, give special attention to the overall appearance of the company, company culture, and what the candidacy experience provides. Gen Zers want an exciting journey that is hyper-custom. If making college visits, promote these visits by sending out emails to potential candidates. Show that you’re familiar with the university and details pertinent to that college specifically. Or better yet, the potential candidate. Do your homework! Provide frequent updates regarding the interview process and check in to make sure the candidate feels heard and valued.

Surprise & Delight Candidates

Make the entrance into your company an exciting one. It should be unique to the new hire, and encourages that they’ve made the correct decision. If making an offer, personalize the experience. Send a thoughtful letter or small gift related to their interest. Or send something position-specific — an engraved pen or a handwritten note with a photo of the team.

Additionally, on their first day, welcome them with company swag and an introduction email sent out company-wide to make them feel welcome and cherished in their new environment. Ultimately Gen Zers look for unforgettable, memorable experiences that create a sense of importance and belonging.

Create a Nano-Influencer Network

Nano-influencers are becoming a popular method for marketers and companies to target and gain traction with Gen Z consumers. This approach is successful in recruiting Generation Z because nano-influencers establish a sense of authenticity, which creates a peer-like connection. Reach out to current employees and interns that are passionate about what role they play within the company. Encourage team members to share and feature their day-to-day work lives in a multitude of ways.

  • Showcasing a moment of achievement or feel-good situation
  • Spotlighting an obstacle, they’ve faced with focus on growth potential
  • New positions opening up within the company
  • Overview of company culture (events, outings, achievements, etc.)

Providing insight into what current employees experience and enjoy about the company is an excellent way of establishing a trusting, transparent relationship with applicants. Gen Z candidates will be drawn to this display as nano-influencers feel like peers, thus presenting an authentic picture of your company.

Establish and Display Company Growth Opportunities

Providing a plan that shows the candidate’s future projection within the company is extremely useful. Gen Zers want to know that their professional and personal growth will occur within your company. Exhibit that the company is ready to invest in who they are as an individual when recruiting Generation Z. Maintain openness regarding career progression, internal hiring policies, and career flexibility. This allows adaptability should they want to try another position within the company down the road. Some companies are cross-training employees if they have multiple areas of interest.

Make the Transition

Overall, companies should work to modify their recruiting and hiring experiences to cater to the new generations. Generation Z is drawn to a short time-to-hire process that is engaging, virtually appealing, and one they won’t forget. Establishing the ability to adapt to new methodologies and trends is extremely important in the professional world. Utilize your resources and reach out to professionals to familiarize yourself with the ins and outs of the new generations.