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Our Process

OMG… It’s our process.

OMG is a three-step process that Gen Guru has developed and named in honor of Gen Z. It allows leaders and organizations to learn who Gen Z is, what their perceptions are, and how best to engage this next generation of employees and customers.


The goal of this step is to create awareness of Generation Z.

Gen Guru is known for energizing, humorous, and dynamic speeches and workshops that are truly customized – not just for your industry, but for each and every audience. We will do as many eye-opening presentations as needed to keep you learning about Gen Z (and hopefully love this generation as much as we do)! After facilitating a common generational awareness, Gen Guru will work with your company to “open your eyes” to your needs related to Gen Z. Our experts will help you find opportunities and identify challenges. We accomplish this through one-on-one meetings with key individuals and stakeholders and/or groups of individuals.


The goal of this step is to measure Gen Z’s engagement with your organization and brand(s).

With a deeper awareness of Gen Z, we can then measure their perception and develop a blueprint. We have partnered with research firms in both the US and UK to capture Gen Z’s thoughts and opinions through primary studies and/or focus groups. Using the results of this research, we will provide analysis and a strategic plan for how best to engage Gen Z. The blueprint will also allow you to prioritize initiatives and control costs for all development stages


It’s time to create and implement solutions to engage your targeted Gen Z audience.

After creating awareness, identifying and measuring engagement, and creating a strategic plan, we can implement solutions with the confidence of a big return on investment. Gen Guru does not hand you a blueprint and walk away. We will work with you to determine which of the suggested solutions your company wants to pursue and serve as project manager for implementation

OMG! Do you know Gen Z?

We can help.

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