Connect with each Generation of Employees Consumers Donor
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Connect with each Generation of Employees Consumers Donor
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Bridging Generational Gaps: Father/Son Speaking Duo

For over 20 years Gen Xer David has been researching, writing, consulting and speaking on the generations. In 2015, David’s Gen Z son, Jonah, joined the organization to help shed light on the youngest generation now entering the workplace and marketplace. This Dynamic Duo has traveled the globe to share cutting edge research, case studies, and insights on what makes each generation unique and what leader need to know.

Bestselling author and generational expert David Stillman teams up with his Gen Z son Jonah to:

· Introduce the newest generation of employees and customers – Gen Z. · Help navigate the in person, hybrid or remote multi-gen workplace. · Better sell and market to five generations of consumers.

David Stillman

David Stillman (Gen Xer) brings 25 years of experience in generational research. He’s the co-author of notable best-sellers “When Generations Collide” The M-Factor: How the Millennial Generation is Rocking the Workplace” and “Gen Z @ Work”. His insights have featured in TIME, The New York Times, and on CNN, MSNBC, and the Today Show. Recognized as one of the Business Journal’s ‘200 to Watch’, David’s expertise shines in understanding and communicating the dynamics between generations and how to bridge the gaps.

Jonah Stillman

Jonah Stillman (Gen Zer) growing up competed for 10 years on the national US circuit in snowboarding. He was ranked in the top 5 in the US before hanging up his helmet to pursue working with his dad. Jonah has since established himself as a renowned speaker, traveling globally to provide insights on Generation Z to some of the world’s most influential brands, including The NFL, Gatorade, 3M, and Microsoft. His expertise on Gen Z trends and behaviors has also been sought after and featured by leading media outlets such as The New York Times, Forbes, Inc., and Time.

What Our Partners Say

“David and Jonah understand the strength of the future. CEOs would be wise to pay attention to the opportunities presented by harnessing Gen Z’s power.”

Richard Davis


“The format was an innovative ‘point-counterpoint’ approach that was both informative and entertaining. The combination of a ‘Gen Xer’ (David) and a ‘Gen Zer’ (Jonah) was perfect for our diverse audience. It made the research come to life in a way that didactic presentations or videos just can’t accomplish.”

Ronald A. Paulus

President and CEO | Mission Health System

Baby Boomers Stats

10,000 Baby Boomers retire
every day.
53% of Baby Boomers say they aren’t ready to retire.
60% of Baby Boomers say flexible work hours are critically important to them.
86% of Boomers say that their favorite brands reward them for their loyalty.

Gen X Stats

79% of Gen X say they feel forgotten in the workplace.
50% of global leadership roles are held by Gen X
52% of Gen Xers chose teamwork as their favorite form of work.
90% of Gen X consumers say that their favorite brand treats them like an individual.

Millennial Stats

49% of Millennials want to work
fully remote.
21 % of Millennials report switching jobs within the last year.
36% of millennials have 2 or
more jobs.
64% of millennials make impulse

Gen Z Stats

86% of Gen Z prefer face to face communication in their job.
71% of Gen Z ‘ers have a side
62% of Gen Z want to customize their career path.
80% of Gen Z consumers are drawn to brands that customize their products.