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Our multi-generational team will help connect with Gen Z as a customer, vendor, employer,  donor, and more



What are Clients Talking About?



Consumer behavior trends for Generation Z vs. Millennials show that they are very different. Gen Z will change marketing, retail, food and beverage, restaurants, well – basically everything. Businesses must make an effort to understand this cohort!



Gen Z’s priorities are salary, benefits, security, innovation, student loan assistance, work-life integration, oh – and private work spaces. Can we say office redesigns are in your future?


Gen Z is avoiding debt, career focused, and practical. You might think you can dazzle them, but they are hard to impress. How do you teach to that?


Democrats and Republicans beware – this generation is fed-up with politics as we know it. Changes are a-coming!


Gen Z have higher volunteer rates, extra-curricular involvement, and civic engagement than previous generations. Are you ready to be impressed?

David Gen Xer

Jonah Gen Zer

Gen Z – The Dynamic Duo

Based on three national studies, cutting-edge case studies and interviews with hundreds of CEOs, this dynamic duo is shedding light on what makes this new generation unique and what leaders need to know.

More about us
of Gen Z prefers their own office
prefer talking face to face with a boss
consider reputation important when talking to companies
think that on-boarding should take one day or less

What Our Partners Say

“Jonah Stillman was our resident Gen Z speaker during the 2017-2018 season and played a key role in our marketing department. One of his main responsibilities was assisting us in exploring new ways to engage the next generation of fans. Jonah successfully demonstrated a deep Gen Z subject matter expertise, a strong love for football and the NFL, and a positive, can-do attitude. It was a pleasure to have him on board and I look forward to seeing him continue to do great things well into the future.”

Roger Goodell
Roger Goodell
Commissioner | NFL

“David and Jonah were the keynote speakers at our Summer Social in 2017. Their father – son, Gen X/Gen Z chemistry and generational expertise challenged the crowd’s personal perception about Gen Z. Their dynamic and energetic presence made us realize that thinking about Millennials isn’t enough if we want to prepare for the future. We have to get to know Gen Z. Those hesitant about Gen Z entering the workplace left this interactive session excited and more intrigued about the future.”

Beth Kieffer Leonard, CPA, CGMA
Beth Kieffer Leonard, CPA, CGMA
Managing Partner | Lurie, LLP

“David and Jonah understand the strength of the future. CEOs would be wise to pay attention to the opportunities presented by harnessing Gen Z’s power.”

Richard Davis
Richard Davis
Executive Chairman and Former CEO | U.S. Bancorp

“The two of you brought enthusiasm and entertainment to the generations topic, making it both fun and informative. The Gen Z session was an engaging presentation of your insights shared through stories and practical advice, grounded in your generations research and experience.

Jill Korsh
Jill Korsh
Managing Director | Deloitte

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