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It’s one thing to learn where the generational gaps are… it’s another to bridge them!

For over two decades, we have been helping global brands better connect with the generations. Whether it be a campaign for college recruitment or a campaign for a product launch, let us help you create custom targeted strategies that connects with  Millennials, Gen Z Traditionalists, Baby Boomers and Generation Xers.

Consulting Case Studies

“Jonah’s voice helped us break out of traditional ways of thinking to further re-imagine how the NFL can better engage young consumers. Leveraging his own research, plus additional secondary research, and industry best practices, Jonah put forth several viable ideas that we continue to explore today. Jonah successfully demonstrated a deep Gen Z subject matter expertise.”

“We began working with David and Jonah over three years ago and their generational research has proved invaluable when it comes to both employee and customer experience. In our hotels our teammates range from Baby Boomers, Gen X and Millennials, and even some Gen Z’s. David and Jonah’s work helped provide our team with the tools to appropriately communicate across the generation gaps. We also understand better that our different customers want different things.

Generational Consulting in the Media

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What Our Partners Say

“David’s guidance opened our eyes to our need to develop new recruiting and management strategies, procedures, and systems. David has a deep understanding of what shapes generations, what drives generations, and how to address the nuances differently to build the greatest culture possible and achieve the success many companies are chasing.”

Matthew K. Stewart


“Our Masters are used to hearing from the best and David and Jonah gave one of the most interesting, useful and compelling presentations the group has experienced to date. Their interactive presentation and the underlying work in their book is carved out into useful frames of understanding with practical advice. And not unimportantly, the way that David and Jonah present and the unique fact that they are a father/son team plays out in extremely entertaining ways.”

Nate Garvis