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Gen Z @ Work

Based on the first national studies of Gen Z’s workplace attitudes; interviews with hundreds of CEOs, celebrities, and thought leaders on generational issues; cutting-edge case studies; and insights from Gen Zers themselves, Gen Z @ Work offers the knowledge today’s leaders need to get ahead of the next gaps in the workplace and how best to recruit, retain, motivate, and manage Gen Zers.

“Fascinating insight into the collective conscious of Gen Z. This generation will rewrite the rules of the workplace and transform the future of business.” (—Blake Mycoskie, Chief Shoe Giver at TOMS and bestselling author of Start Something That Matters)

“Move over Millennials, Gen Z is here. David and Jonah give a fun and informative introduction. This is a must-read for anyone looking to recruit, manage, and retain the best and brightest new workers.” (—Andrew Yang, CEO and founder of Venture for America, author of Smart People Should Build Things)

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The M-factor

The Millennial generation has rapidly entered the workforce in greater numbers, but its introduction to the workplace has been anything but seamless. Marked by attentive, helicopter parents, schools that propagate high self-esteem, and an ingrained comfort with/dependency on technology, the Millennials are tarred as flighty, entitled, self-involved dilettantes, but Lancaster and Stillman encourage managers not to judge but to coach and tap into such Millennial talents as speed, social networking, and collaboration.

“Lively stories illustrate the generation gap and general communication failures between ‘Traditionalists,’ ‘Boomers,’ ‘Generation X-ers,’ and ‘Millennials….’ [The authors’] thorough analysis of how various generations can complement each other makes a strong case for the value of younger people in the workplace.” (—Publishers Weekly )

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When Generations Collide

If your workplace feels like a battle zone and colleagues sometimes act like adversaries, you are not alone. Today four generations glare at one another across the conference table, and the potential for conflict and confusion has never been greater. This insightful book provides hands-on methods to close the generation gaps. With effective tools to recruit, retain, motivate, and manage each generation, you can now create teamwork, not war, in today’s high performance workplace . . . where at any age, productivity is what counts.

“The authors offer many examples of trouble spots where generational conflicts are most likely to explode…thought-provoking insights.” (—Time)

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