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GenGuru is a boutique management consulting firm that provides insights on how best to connect with Baby Boomers, Gen X, Millennials, and Gen Z.


We’ve helped industries around the globe bridge generational differences.


From management retreats, to sales meetings, to boards of directors, we pride ourselves on customizing our content for every audience and industry. Packed with primary research, actionable takeaways, case studies, and fun anecdotes these are the most strategic conversations to be having today.



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With a solid know-how on who the generations are and how they are impacting your workplace and marketplace, we can assist in implementing solutions. From new recruitment materials and techniques to one-of-a-kind social media campaigns our generational strategies can definitely give you a competitive advantage.


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We partnered with the best provider of e-learning content – LinkedIn Learning. The first courses we created together are focused on the newest generation to hit the workplace and marketplace – Gen Z. This cutting-edge approach is top notch and guaranteed to take your generational knowledge to the next level.


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Primary Research

We conduct cutting edge research on the generations. In addition to our own ongoing research, we conduct custom studies for our partners. We have secured the most robust and representative sample which allows us to find out what the generations not only think about your industry, but specifically about your place of employment or products and services.


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Media Contributors

From breaking news to current events, we have been commenting on the generations’ behaviors, values, or reactions to local, national and global events. We have been extensively trained for each medium and can bring cutting edge insights and data to every story to highlight the generational differences as well as similarities.


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What Our Partners Say

The Gen Z session was an engaging presentation of your insights shared through stories and practical advice, grounded in your generations research and experience. Our Wise Women left the event energized and on a high-note.

Jill Korsh
Jill Korsh
Managing Director | Deloitte

The Stillman’s provided valuable insight to the Stellar Roundtable regarding how successful companies understand the generational differences and position their company to attract and retain talented personnel.

Todd Allsup
Todd Allsup
Vice President | Stellar

Focusing on four generational traits, David and Jonah provided key considerations on how we as an employer can align our employment deal to be an employer of choice for Gen Z talent.

Angie Freeman
Angie Freeman
Chief HR Officer | C.H. Robinson
Each generation has its own events and conditions that resulted in unique generational personalities.

Find out how the generational differences are impacting your business.

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