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Who We Are

Father-son multi-generational team sheds light on what you need to know about Gen Z.

Passionate Generational Experts

Gen Guru is a boutique management consulting firm that provides insights on how best to connect with the generation after Millennials – Gen Z. This new generation, born between 1995-2012, is impacting our workplace and marketplace. They have entirely new attitudes about work, money, and life. The time to get to know them is now!

Our Analytical Approach

We pride ourselves on customizing programs for every industry and audience. We achieve that with a thorough intake and interview process to assure we are not just meeting your expectations but exceeding them!

David Stillman is not new to the generational conversation. For over twenty years he has been called on by business executives, politicians and the media to share his expertise on how best to bridge generational gaps. David has been commenting on the generation in the media for CNN, CNBC, and the TODAY Show as well as NPR and in Fast Company, The New York Times, USA Today, and The Wall Street Journal.

His creative communications work has earned him numerous accolades including gold medals at the NY Film Festival, the much-coveted CLIO Award, and most recently was named as one of 200 People to Watch by the Business Journal as well as one of the Power50 in the state of MN.

In addition to being an internationally acclaimed speaker on the generations, David is also the co-author of two best-selling books including When Generations Collide and The M-Factor: How the Millennial Generation Is Rocking the Workplace

David’s latest book Gen Z @ Work published by HarperCollins describes the 7 key traits of Gen Z. He has coauthored this book with his Gen Z son, Jonah.

Jonah Stillman graduated from high school in 2017 and is pursuing a life as an entrepreneur. Growing up, for 10-years Jonah competed on the national US circuit in snowboarding. He was ranked in the top 5 in the US before hanging up his helmet to pursue working with his Dad in the generational field.

Jonah and a team of peers conducted one of the first national surveys about Gen Z’s workplace attitudes. The eye-opening results ignited Jonah’s interest in keeping the dialogue going.

After growing up watching his dad – David – be the voice of his generation, Jonah is excited to be a voice of Gen Z. Together, they published “Gen Z @ Work” published by HarperCollins. It describes the seven key traits of Gen Z.

He is the youngest speaker on the circuit and has already shared his insights on Gen Z with CNBC, MSNBC, and CBS and was recently featured in Fast Company, TIME, INC, Forbes and the NY Times.

Success Magazine voted David and Jonah in the top 25 most influential speakers and authors for 2018.

Make Way for Gen Z

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of Gen Z consider level of diversity at a company important
of gen z think that feedback sessions should take 5 minutes or less
say that working Wi-Fi is more important than working bathrooms
believe that technology is causing gaps between generations

What Our Partners Say

“While most generational “experts” are still trying to understand what makes millennials tick, David has taken generational research a step further, and looked to the future of the workforce -the new Gen Z.”

Clio Knowles
Clio Knowles
VP, People | Virgin Hotels

“Through both primary and secondary research efforts, David (GenX) and his son Jonah (GenZ) bring an energetic and action oriented approach to their sessions. They have an audience feel of equal parts present day anthropologists and data driven researchers.”

Shawn Boom
Shawn Boom
Vice President | Blackboard