Defining Characteristics of Generation Z

Defining Characteristics of Generation Z Home Blogs With the onslaught of chatter around the arrival of Gen Z – and proudly one of the first to pioneer Gen Z data – I am often asked to comment on the traits and characteristics of Generation Z. By no means am I claiming to be the ONLY […]

Generation Z Statistics That Can Make or Break Your Business

The key to operating a successful business is understanding the consumer. While many companies have spent recent years studying the Millennial market, however, Generation Z is often overlooked. With almost a third of the U.S. population belonging to Gen Z, it’s more important now than consider this group as the cornerstone of a

The Key Differences Between Millennials and Generation Z

The difference between Millennials vs Generation Z is vast. It’s no secret that the next generation of buyers will have some serious purchasing power. However, the ways in which they purchase are new. Therefore, marketers and business owners need to take a close look at how they engaged with customers in the past

What Do Millennial Job Seekers Want

Millennials are a misunderstood generation. Their reputation balances in a purgatory between lazy and a clear drive for growth. But, before we dive into the specifics regarding what Millennial job seekers look for in their employment opportunity, it’s important to get a firm grasp on who Millennials are. A Quick Look at Millennials

7 Strategies to Recruiting Generation Z

While long-established marketing and recruiting methods have been successful for years, it is now time to transition towards a more creative approach to engaging and recruiting Generation Z. Gen Zers are always looking for new and exciting, the next “big” fad. A unique experience catered directly to the individual is commonly what they

Generation Z vs. Millennials: Social Media Use

The digital world is evolving as new generations are continually on the rise. Social media has always been of interest to Millennials and Generation Z. However, each has found solace in different platforms and usage methods. While Millennials make up one quarter of the nation’s population, Generation Z is following closely. Both generations

Intergenerational Battle at 30,000 Feet

Every once in a while, you sit next to a stranger on a plane and have a conversation that sticks with you. This just happened to me with a successful 75-year-old Baby Boomer CEO of a small healthcare company. I felt like sharing it as it does help explain what I do for

It’s the Day of the Trades

It’s 1987 and a high school graduate is asked, “What are your plans for after high school?”The response is, “I’m going to trade school.” Regardless of what was said back to the graduate, one thing that was often felt on the inside was a belief that he/she had plateaued, if not even peaked

My Digital Detox

I recently finished a complete 7-day digital detox. No phone, computer, laptop, tablet, TV. NOTHING! While most people say it’s just the younger generations that need to detox, after this intense experience, I would say ALL generations could unplug (pun intended) and have a shut down. I sure learned a lot of things,